Reader Pen

Reader Pen

At a Glance

ReaderPen is a pocket-sized lightweight and portable device that helps students with dyslexia to read independently. 

The student scans the printed text with the tip of the C-Pen Reader. The C-Pen’s in-built camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system convert the text into speech, thereby enabling the student to hear aloud the printed material in a human-like digital voice.

Students can hear the spoken text either through the C-Pen Reader’s speaker or by connecting headphones into the device.

Following are the main features of C-Pen Reader:

Language support

Students can listen out aloud the printed text in the following languages - English, Spanish, French.

OCR Engine

Students can,

  • Capture and save text
  • Transfer text files to a computer


Students can select from American or British English, Spanish and French voices.

Voice Memos

Students can record voice memos about what they read using the built-in microphone. 

These audio files are saved on the C-Pen Reader and can also be transferred to a computer, if students want to listen to them later.


When a word is scanned, it is immediately located in the built-in dictionary thereby helping students to understand the word's meaning.

USB Drive

C-Pen Reader doubles as a USB drive and offers 8GB user space.

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