I was issued a course certificate. Where can I find it?

Once you have completed 100% of the course lessons and been issued a certificate, you can find your certificate in two ways.

OPTION 1: Your certificate notification email

Click on the button in the certificate notification email you received.

Please note that you must be logged into the course for this link to work. If this link does NOT take you to your certificate, you may not be logged into the course. Click here and log into the course, and then try clicking the link in the email again.

OPTION 2: Find your certificate inside the course

If you've misplaced your certificate notification email, you can still find and download your certificate from inside the course. Follow these instructions to find and download your certificate on your laptop or desktop computer.

1. First, click here and log into the course.

2. Now you'll see the courses in which you are enrolled. Click the image for the course:

3. In the left sidebar, click on "Certificate" to view and download your certificate: