How this course works and what to expect

We are delighted to have you join us in our mission to make the most of assistive technology to help students with additional learning needs.

How does the course work:

This is a completely self-paced course, however, we are going to support you via email and on our private Facebook group, where we answer any queries you might have.

There are 10 sections in total, with a number of lessons in each section.

Your commitment:

  • Review the content in each lesson - these will be mainly video based, with some extra links/materials for you to review in your own time.
  • Time wise, it will take you around 20 hrs of learning. This is broken down into the online materials, extra resources we post and the reflection questions within each section.

Included in this course are:

  • Demonstrations of different assistive technologies that can help students with additional learning needs in the areas of reading, writing and maths.
  • Downloads to help you find that exact bit of information you need to get going when you are pressed for time.
  • Reflection questions to help you think about how you might help students solve particular problems using assistive technology
  • Live office hours on Facebook where we will answer your questions and clarify any queries you have - this will be done via a Live Video on our private Facebook group and then uploaded onto the course content pages here.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can share your thoughts, queries, and experiences of using assistive technology with other SNAs and teachers on the course.

Support for this course is available via:

  • Private Facebook group (more information on how to sign up in the next lesson)
  • FAQ section - please check here if you're having any technical issues with the course. We have a number of videos to guide you in using the course there too
  • If you're having technical issues with the course and the FAQ section isn't helping - you can email us at: [email protected]

What's not supported:

This course doesn't include one-on-one technical training or support.

If you have technical issues with accessing the course or questions that are specific to your account, please email us at [email protected]. This will help us to help you more quickly.

Please do NOT post tech support questions in the Facebook group, as we might not see them right away.

Thanks again for signing up.


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